Special days in June

1-Last day of school (early out 12:10 pm)
Staff meeting at 6 pm

Week of June 5th-Pool and water days start

8-Movement begins

9-Walk to Twin Parks for hot dog meal 10 am-12:30 pm (2yr old room-School age)  Let us know if we can borrow any wgons or strollers.

Week of June 12th-Lunch at Middle School starts.  (3yr old room-SA)

15-Bonebright museum (3yr old room-SA) 1-2:30 pm approx.
Board meeting-5:30 pm

21-Sports day at Nakomis (3yr old room-SA)
@ big playground for 1-2yr olds

27-Laua/mud day (your gonna get dirty!  Bring an old swimsuit to get muddy)
Start of Library Days.

Please walk your child into the building everyday, and into their classroom.  This is not only required by DHS and Riverview, but also a safety issue.

Library Days

For 3’s, 4’s and School Age

School agers will be walking to the library once a week during the months of June and July.  This will start the week of June 27th and continue until July 28th.  Please remember to send walking shoes with your child on these days.

3’s & 4’s-Tuesdays 10-10:30 am

School Age-Thursdays 1:30-2:30 pm

Field Trip Days

June 9-Twin Parks (2yr old room-SA) 10 am

June 15-Bonebright Museum (3’s-SA) 1 pm

July 14-Olsen Park/Splash Pad (3’s-SA) 11 am

July 21-Briggs Woods (3’s-SA) 9:30 am

July 28-Hamilton County Fair (2’s-SA) 10 am

August 17-Science Center (3’s-SA) 8 am

Water Play

The school age will be going to the pool on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Parents are responsible for paying for their child to go to the pool, or provide a pass number.

Water Days

0’s-Mondays 10:30-11 am

1’s-Fridays 10:30-11 am

2’s-Tuesdays 10:30-11 am

3’s & 4’s-Fridays 12:30-1 pm

Please remember to send bug spray and sunscreen.  If we do not have these then we cannot use them on your child.  Thanks!

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Here’s our current WISH LIST! Any and all donations are GREATLY Appreciated!

  • Toys & games for school age
  • Craft supplies-any

We make use of most anything, so please think of us before you dump anything. No stuffed animals please.

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