Our Staff

Our staff

Rosie Messerly

Rosie Messerly


Education: AS Degree in Human Services, AA Degree in Early Childhood, NAC (National Administrative Credential), working on BA in Early Education
Family: Two daughters - Jesslyn and Keyara Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my children and watching their hobbies (Dance, Band & Cheerleading)
Staff Member Since: April 1997
Why I work at Riverview: I enjoy working at Riverview because I enjoy watching the children grow and learn. I also enjoy the partnerships we have the the parents and families. To me working here is like being a part of one very big family!

Kristy Stetz

Kristy Stetz

Assistant Director

Education: Graduated from WCHS. NSO. Several Childcare courses. CDA.
Family: Two sons Davin and Daytin Keller
Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my sons, outdoors, photography, music, scrapbooking, and shopping!
Staff Member Since: September 2003
Why I work at Riverview: I enjoy the children and watching them learn and grow. I also enjoy building friendships with parents.

Chasity Plain

Chasity Plain

Curious Cuddlers Teacher

Education: Graduated from Webster City High School.
Family: Husband-Jerred, Two boys-Braylon and Braxton.
Hobbies: Playing with my kids, going on walks, cooking and baking.
Staff Member Since: November 2012
Why I work at Riverview: I love watching and helping the children progress through the years.

Christine Moss


Bright Beginners Associate

Education: Graduated High School
Family:Two children, Trevor and Kelsie
Hobbies:Reading, long walks, music & movies
Staff Member Since: June 2015
Why I work at Riverview:I have always wanted to work with children. Riverview has great staff and the children seem to love it here. I look forward to watching and nurturing them as they grow.


Bubbly Twos Teacher

Education: Graduated from WCHS.
Family: Husband Dennis, Daughters: Mandy & Mikaela, Son: Jammie, 4 step children, 7 step grandchildren, 10 grandchildren, mother, 2 brothers, and Dogs: Paris & Sadie, Granddog: Posie.
Hobbies: Collecting anything Elvis Presley memorabilia and playing games with family.
Staff Member Since: April 2011
Why I work at Riverview: I love working with all the children. They make me feel very special when they greet me with a big hug.


School Age Associate

Education: : High School
Family: Mother( Rosie) sister (Keyara) dogs (lulu) (Hazel)
Hobbies:football cheer, wrestling cheer, competition dance, track & yearbook
Staff Member Since: August 2017

Amanda Harris


Rainbow Bunch Teacher

Education: Graduate of WCHS. AA Degree from ICCC. Numerous childcare classes. Preschool CDA.
Family: Husband: Justyn, Daughter: Jazmyne Kae, Son: Shayne, Identical Sister: Stacy, Brother: Justin. Dog: Max, Cat: Zeener
Hobbies: Crafts, movies, working with children, drawing, computers, board games, cards, being with my family and friends, and shopping.
Staff Member Since: October 2004
Why I work at Riverview: I love working with kids and doing crafts with them. I have learned a lot working here and love every minute of it! They all make me smile when I am having a bad day.

Stacy Henry


4 yr Old Teacher & Preschool Associate

Education: : I graduated from WCHS in 2002, received my preschool CDA as well as my infant/toddler CDA.
Family: Daughter-Makylee Ann, Mom -Melody, Dad-Randy, Twin sister-Amanda, Brother-Justin, 3 nieces, 2 nephews
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and family, shopping, watching kids, playing games, playing on the computer, watching moves, making crafts & tulle wreaths, and being a mommy.
Staff Member Since: September 2001
Why I work at Riverview: : I love working with children, doing crafts and teaching them things that they will use in everyday life. I love my job.


Rainbow Bunch Associate

Education: Northeast Hamilton High School Diploma, One year Iowa Central Community College, preschool CDA, many early childhood classes, and 20+ years in childcare.
Family: Married with 3 children, 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.
Hobbies: Walking, biking, hand bells, and grandkids.
Staff Member Since: August 2014
Why I work at Riverview: I love working with children and seeing them learn and grow.

Magan Coons


School Age Teacher

Education: High School Graduate
Family: Ian, Liam, Jacob, Kacey, Oliver & Ty
Hobbies:Crafts, sewing, scrapbooking
Staff Member Since: October 2017
Why I work at Riverview: All the kids


Curious Cuddlers Associate

Education: : HS diploma, computer courses & medical terminology.
Family: Husband – Michael, Daughter – Emily Stockdale (Husband Troy), Grandchildren – Ava & Talon
Hobbies: Time with family – boating, fishing, shooting & any time with grandchildren
Staff Member Since: February 2019
Why I work at Riverview: : I love the children!

McKinzie Mishler

McKinzie Mishler


Education:currently enrolled at Webster City High School
Family: Angela (mom), Bryan (dad), Riley (brother)
Hobbies: Making crafts, listening to music and going on little adventures
Staff Member Since: June 2021
Why I work at Riverview: I love interacting with the kids and love doing crafts with them!

Anne Wright



Education: High School Graduate
Family: Husband: Michael Children: Cody, Cole, Craig, Tristyn & Johnny
Hobbies:spending time with family
Staff Member Since: October 2018
Why I work at Riverview: The staff and children are great!

arlene paine

1-year old room associate

Education:College graduate
Family: Greg Paine
Hobbies: Strumming guitar, singing
Staff Member Since: April 2021
Why I work at Riverview: My grandchildren are here.

jenna mckinney

2-year old room associate

Education:High School
Family: Misty (mom), Matt (dad), Noah (brother)
Hobbies: I enjoy working with children, crafts and reading
Staff Member Since: February 2021
Why I work at Riverview: I love working with children.

Jalyn Thome

jalyn thome

infant room associate

Education:currently enrolled at Webster City High School
Family: 8 siblings, Jaeme (mom), Riley (step-dad) & Mike (dad)
Hobbies: Camping, boating and playing with my dog
Staff Member Since: June 2020
Why I work at Riverview: I love building and growing relationships with the children, parents and staff.

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